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[pdf] 402 Tchrs in Tribal Welfr Ashram Schls thru Spl DSC 2014 GO.53 Dt.12-5-15.pdf
[pdf] Spl Lang Test-Paper Code 37-Nov-2014 Session Results.pdf
[pdf] CFMS.GO_MS45 DT.21.4.15.PDF
[pdf] APPSC Dept Test GOT(88-97)Results-Nov,2014 Session.pdf
[pdf] Sanctn of Consolidtd Pensn, Family Pensn in RPS,2015- GO.51 Dt.8-5-15.pdf
[pdf] Rs.75 crs sanctnd fr Loans &setlmnt of Claims of APGLI fr 2015-16 GO.1618 Dt.6-5-15.PDF
[pdf] Supply of preferred variety of Rice to Social Welfare Hostel Students in AP GO.27 Dt.5-5-15 .pdf
[pdf] APPSC-EOT-141-Results-Notifctn no.3,2015-Nov-2014 session.pdf
[pdf] Comunty,Nativty&DOB Certfct isud by d Comptnt Authrty is permanent GO.26 Dt.4-5-15.PDF
[pdf] State matchng Share Budgt relsd fr implemntn of ICT schls GO.108 Dt.4-5-15.pdf
[pdf] Selectn of Best Tchrs fr Nationl Awards,2014 by a State Level Comite GO.104 Dt.2-5-15.pdf
[pdf] Rates of CCA in RPS,2015 GO.49 Dt.30-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Rates of HRA in RPS,2015 GO.48 Dt.30-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Regulation of DA in PRC-2015- GO.47 Dt.30-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Fitment43-Revised Pay Scales-2015- GO.46 Dt.30-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Conversn of all KGBVs into English Medium frm 2015-16 in AP GO.23 Dt.29-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Model Schls admisns thru Written Test-Further Guidelines&Procedure GO.22 Dt.29-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Family Membr Certificts 2d Govt emplys 2b issued by Tahasildars GO.145 Dt.25-4-15.pdf
[pdf] Re-Engaging MIS,Data Entry,CRPs,DLMTs&ASOs from 1-5-15 RC.1707 Dt.21-4-15.pdf
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